Call for Papers

NovaEnEv --- First International Workshop on Novel approaches to Energy Measurement and Evaluation in Wireless Networks in conjunction with ICC 2012, June 10.-15., Ottawa, Canada

Energy efficiency is an omnipresent topic in the field of wireless network research. However, realistic evaluations in real-world deployments are challenging and very time consuming. Furthermore, it lacks of adequate tools. These are reasons for prior work to oversimplify, causing imprecise results. With recent advances in simulator tools as well as an increasing number of testbeds the next step in evaluating energy efficiency is now feasible: realistic evaluations of energy efficiency.

NovaEnEv brings together researchers interested in a more realistic evaluation of energy efficiency and energy consumption of architectures, protocols, and applications in wireless networks. NovaEnEv serves as a forum to share ideas how to perform realistic evaluations and to facilitate discussions of unresolved challenges in this area. Please provide original, previously unpublished papers addressing realistic evaluations with focus on energy efficiency, energy consumption, and energy usage characteristics. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Realistic design and evaluation of energy efficient protocols in wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks
  • Energy-aware protocols and applications
  • Testbeds with focus on energy evaluation
  • Usage of testbeds to measure energy consumption in real-world deployments
  • Energy measurement methodologies and concepts
  • Integration of energy measurements into evaluations
  • Comparison of simulative vs. testbed evaluations
  • Modeling and validation of energy models
  • Hardware profiling
  • Experiences and lessons learned from real-world evaluations